Bottle blow molding machine

Bottle blowing machine refers to the machine that blows bottles. bottle blowing process to make plastic pellets into hollow containers of equipment, the more common types of machines include, using PET, PC blow molding machine.
Bottle blowing machine is convenient and fast, forming a large amount of bottles, after the emergence of the replacement of most of the manual blowing, adopted by most of the beverage companies.

Generally, according to the degree of automation, bottle blowing machines are divided into semi-automatic bottle blowing machines and automatic bottle blowing machines.

JNA Water & JND TECH provides two kinds of blowing machines, automatic pet blowing machine and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, with theoretical output of 880BPH~12000BPH, and also includes 2-6 gallon bottle blowing machine.

Technical Parameters of PET Blow Moulding Machine

General Information




Theoretical Output




Electrical System

Voltage Standard

380v/3PH/50Hz or special order

Total Power    (Full Loaded)



Max. Container Volume


3-6 GAL

Neck Diameter Range



Max. Container Diameter



Max. Container Height



Bottle Material


The above automatic PET blowing machine technical parameters are subject to continuous update,please take the real product as the base. Product details of bottle blowing machine, you can contact us to know more.


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Feature & Application of Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

  • Automatic bottle blowing machine through the operation of the robot will blow the two operations (preheating, blow molding) together to complete, eliminating the intermediate manual preheating of the bottle (embryo) into the process of blowing mold. This greatly accelerates the production rate, but of course the price is also higher than that of semi-automatic.
  • The automatic PET bottle blowing machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and each main process has a self-locking safety device. Only one worker is required to operate, and the entire production is completed automatically. The whole process can control the labor cost.
  • Automatic PET blowing machine widely used in beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries, it is attracting more manufacturers to choose plastic containers to replace the previous glass containers.
  • Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine is widely used to produce varieties of pet plastic container and package for mineral water, beverage, oil, cosmetic and hot infusion, etc.


PET Blow Molding Machine in the Raw Material Characteristics

PET raw material is a milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with a smooth and shiny appearance.Electrical insulation is relatively good, until under high temperature and high frequency, its motor can still work normally, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, size standardization are very good.

PET Blowing Machine Working Principle

PET bottle blowing machine is mainly used for blowing bottles made of PET plastic, which is completed by a number of actions such as feeding, heating, transferring, stretching and closing the mold.

The PET blow molding process is a bi-directional stretching process in which the PET chains are extended, oriented and aligned in both directions, thus increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall, improving the tensile, tensile and impact strength, and having excellent air tightness.

The Working Process of Blowing Machine

  1. Put the heated plastic embryo into the mold.
  2. Use the mold locking cylinder to tighten the mold.
  3. Lock the mold with high pressure or mechanical structure.
  4. Pre-blowing at medium and high pressure, while the stretching cylinder moves to make the mold expand.
  5. Blowing at high pressure, the bottle embryo is shaped according to the mold and kept under pressure for a certain period of time.
  6. Release the high pressure in the formed bottle and reset the cylinder - take the bottle.

Automatic PET blowing machine makes the whole production process more intelligent and efficient.


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