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Can filling machine is a series of products designed and manufactured according to the actual situation of domestic large and medium-sized can factories and beverage factories, with reference to the most advanced filling and can sealing products of the same kind. Can filling machine, is used to fill cans of beverages machinery and equipment, due to the popularity of cans of beverages in the market is very wide, and more and more favored by consumers, so now the can filling machine has a huge market.

JND WATER & JND TECH as a professional can filling machine manufacturer, has several can filling and sealing machine production lines. Our can filling line has a capacity of 1000~3000 and is widely used for filling mineral water, fruit juice, beverages, tea and other non-carbonated beverages.


Can Filling And Sealing Machine for Sale


Working principle of beverage filling machine

  • Can filling machine adopts the principle of atmospheric pressure filling, when the empty can enters the lifting tray through the paddle wheel, the filling valve and the empty can are aligned, the empty can is lifted and sealed
  • At the same time automatically open the valve of the filling valve, when the filling liquid level blocked the valve's return orifice to stop filling
  • The filled cans are sent to the sealing head by hook chain, and the lid is sent to the mouth of the can by the lid feeder and pressure head
  • When the can-holding mechanism is raised, the press head presses the can opening and the sealing wheel is first pre-sealed and then sealed
  • After the cans are sealed, they are pushed out by the beating head of the capping mechanism, and then enter the can delivery.

Features of aluminum can filling machine

  • Aluminum can filling machine adopts PLC, frequency converter and human-machine interface control system. It has advanced control technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic filling with cans and no can filling.
  • Through various sensors on the machine, the exact production speed and production quantity can be displayed on the touch screen.
  • The production speed can be set on the touch screen according to the user's requirements. The whole machine has various protections for the main motor and other electrical appliances, such as overload protection, overvoltage protection, etc.
  • At the same time, the corresponding various faults are automatically displayed on the touch screen to facilitate users to find the cause of the faults. The main electrical components of this machine adopt international famous brands.

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