Juice Filling Machine

The automatic juice filling machine production line can realize that the product starts from raw material processing, through a series of production activities such as (washing, filling and capping three in one) filling machine, labeling machine, packaging machine and conveyor. Of a fully automatic production line.

JND Water provides tea/juice filling machine including juice bottling machine, hot juice filling machine, etc. Integrated the functions of bottle washer, bottle filler and bottle capper.

Advantage of Juice Filling Machine

  • Integrated the functions of bottle washer, bottle filler and bottle capper. It is a high-standard three-in-one equipment. One machine with multiple functions, high practicability.
  • Less material waste, less manpower, and cost savings in mass production.
  • Provide excellent performance, stable and reliable filling production line for orange juice filling manufacturing industry.
  • This juice bottling equipment is adopted advanced programmable PLC ,and make the machine running auto.
  • The automatic juice filling machine many models in this series able to satisfy with the different kinds of containers. The bottle filling equipment is mainly used for bottle packing of fruit juice, tea drink, etc. Bottled purified water filling and minerals water filling are also applicable.

Service of Juice Filling Machines

JND WATER & JND TECH service includes market positioning analysis, engineering budget design, equipment configuration, operation training for personnel, a set of turn-key engineering and related service. We have the top-rated R&D stuff, professional assembly technician and dedicated quality-control stuff. They can complete the whole production process perfectly.

Features of Juice Bottle Filling Machine

  • The need for filling different types of bottles can be realized easily by changing a few parts.
  • The advanced micro negative-pressure filing technology used in this hot drink filling machine makes the filling quickly, steady and accurate.
  • The juice filling machines can meet all the technical requirements for hot-filling below 95°.
  • RO washing device is adopted to wash bottle mouth before capping.
  • Those juice bottling equipment parts need to directly contact with water and drinks are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • High safety is guaranteed by high quality electrical components like decelerator, the motor from Mitsubishi and Omron.




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