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Labeling machine

Shrink Label Machine is one of the equipment with higher technical content in the back-end packaging. Its excellent high-speed stability, unique dexterous design, and safety mode of man-machine coordination have been fully affirmed by customers.
In order to meet the needs of the shrink label machine in the domestic and foreign markets, our company has researched and developed a double-head mechanism to meet the requirements of casting label for Bottle mouth and Bottle body.

So, the shrink label machine is a device that attaches rolls of self-adhesive paper labels to products or packages.

Types of Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

JND Water offers a wide variety of labeling machines, including Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine, Round Bottle Labeling Machine, Square Bottle Labeling Machine, Wine Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine, etc.

JND Water provided the bottle labeling machine, which can meet its complete filling production line (3-in-1 washing filling capping machine, shrink sleeve label /bottle labeling machine, shrink wrapping equipment).

Application of Shrink Sleeve Label Machines

Suitable for a variety of bottles of juice, tea drinks, dairy products, pure water, spices, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industry, not only the location of the set of labels with high accuracy, and shrinkage can highlight the bottle to improve the bottle shape.

We offer labeling machines that

  • Can fit a variety of bottle types, including Round Bottle Labeling MachineSquare Bottle Labeling Machine, flat bottle, curved bottle and cup-shaped, etc.
  • Can Applyto glass, plastic, metal containers or round containers, including PET bottles, medicine bottles, salad oil bottles, wine bottles, soy sauce bottles, etc. can affix labels with hot/cold glue exactly.
  • Can offer Automatic Double Heads Round Bottle Labeling Machine.

JND Water Bottle Labeling Machine Service

For the bottle labels, clients provides us the logo and related information which will display on the label, we will make a design, or clients provide a previous designs, and we will selects labels of different materials to be printed according to the type of the label machine, before produce, we will make some sample and sent clients to make sure the design too.

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