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Prospect and characteristics of aseptic filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-28
Packaging with aseptic filling can significantly prolong the shelf life of food after treatment. In addition, the packaging cost of aseptic filling machine is low, which can ensure the health of food and the general benefits stand out. The production efficiency of aseptic packaging and packaging will be approximately analyzed. 1. Low-cost aseptic filling needs to be at normal temperature. Compared with other methods of hot filling, it not only saves energy filling and the requirements of PET bottles with smaller wall thickness for packaging, reduce bottle weight and cost. 2, to ensure the health of consumers aseptic filling and packaging in recent years, the incidence of food safety adverse events is very high, aseptic filling machine for packaging can play an important protective role. In filling and aseptic packaging, products and packaging materials are carried out in a sterile environment, which greatly reduces the chance of infection. In addition, considering the requirements of the filling and packaging process, it is necessary to adjust the surrounding to prevent microorganisms from entering the food, so as to achieve the effect of aseptic packaging and protect the health and safety of filling equipment aseptic air food. 3. Extending the product cycle and packaging with sterile bag filling machine is the ideal filling process at present. After the actual applicable treatment, you can prevent microorganisms (Such as bacteria, mold, yeast, etc)Enter the package and avoid it. Chemical reactions have appeared and practice shows that the shelf life of daily products is short and should be consumed in a short time. Aseptic filling and packaging can play an important role in sterilization because they prevent microorganisms from entering the container and maintain the original taste of the product. In the food analysis stage, whether it is highly acidic, acidic or low acidic food, the use of aseptic filling and packaging and processing can extend the shelf life of the product, especially for food with high preservation cycle requirements. Therefore, aseptic filling and packaging have broad application prospects. 【Aseptic bag filling prices vary] In the process of food processing, it can be said that the capacity of the sterile bag filling machine is an essential equipment. At present, China's food industry is strict and industrialization is developing faster and faster. More and more people are buying this type of equipment. However, the installation price on the market for sterile bag irrigation is different, part of the difference is still very large, many people do not know how to choose. What we want to consider is the filling performance of sterile bags. Generally speaking, the price of fully automatic working equipment is more expensive than manual one. It may be more than twice the price difference. In addition, pay attention to the problem of equipment type. Large equipment and small parts require different materials and components, and the corresponding prices are different. Finally, look at the problem of making commodity cards. In general, the corresponding after-sales guarantee of the brand is more perfect, and the price of the corresponding equipment will be more expensive.
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