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Purchase laser marking machine meets these three points. Don't buy it when it's cheap

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
There are more and more customers purchasing laser marking machines, especially for many factory enterprises. With laser marking machines, they not only improve production efficiency, but also meet the production mode of assembly lines, so when buying a laser marking machine, the laser marking machine brand is also very much, and the functions of the laser marking machine are also varied. Many people say that buying a laser marking machine requires high matching, because high matching is good and the safety level is high. It is OK if you have money to buy high matching, but for most people, the capital budget is limited, therefore, it is not necessary to buy a laser marking machine. Although there are more and more configurations in the laser marking machine, we must pay attention to the functions of the laser marking machine. If the laser marking machine does not have these three points, even if such a laser marking machine is cheaper, don't buy it. How should we choose? 1, the different impact of the model price: The model is different, the material is different, their price is also different: Before the purchase of laser marking machine, first of all, the material, material, type and type of the product to be marked should be judged as a suitable marking machine through the analysis of these points, the reason for considering this factor is not only to better meet the marking needs, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment. 2. The quality of the configuration affects the price: especially the laser: the price of the laser marking machine with different configurations is naturally different, and the price is determined according to the quality of the configuration. Good laser accessories can bring good advantages to laser marking machines, but there are also manufacturers that use very thin iron sheets to make marking machine shells in order to reduce costs. Users generally cannot see them, but over time, the frame will be deformed, which will affect the marking accuracy of the laser marking machine. A good laser marking machine should adopt a frame structure, be welded with high-quality steel, and use high-quality cold rolled steel plate to make the chassis. When users buy marking machines, they can find out whether the quality is good or bad by looking at whether the frame structure and the thickness and strength of the iron sheet of the machine shell are used. 3, look at high quality service: service quality determines manufacturer cooperation: some laser marking machine manufacturers after-sales service timeliness, can guarantee our continuous production, will not let us suffer losses, however, some laser marking machine manufacturers are procrastinating after sales, and the quality of after-sales personnel is not high, which eventually leads to delays in our production and losses. In short, the laser marking machine is determined by both demand and supply, if a product is very popular in the market, and there are many customers expressed a strong desire to buy, then the price of such equipment on the market will definitely continue to rise. Judging from the current situation, the popularity of this kind of marking equipment in the market is still relatively good, so it is known from the price performance in the market in the recent period, the price of this kind of marking machine is in a stable and rising state. As more and more enterprises will be willing to purchase such equipment to engage in production operations in the future, therefore, the future price trend of this marking machine may still be good. So, how can we buy a cheap laser marking machine when the price of the laser marking machine continues to rise? First, choose the preferential Time: Under normal circumstances, the maximum discount for laser marking machines appears in May, June and February, and the off-season for summer sales in August and May is also relatively favorable. Second, ask the market a lot: whether it is a factory straight line or other trading markets, the price of the same laser marking model is different after all, before buying a laser marking machine, ask more about different sales stores and sales personnel, and don't feel embarrassed. Third, compare different brands of laser marking models: the competition of different brands of laser marking machines is fierce. If you have a sales order of a favorite brand, the salesperson will seize this favorable opportunity, to seize the sales market, in order to win this customer, the salesman will also make concessions on the price. Don't be blinded by the calm expression of the salesperson, they are more anxious than you. Now the development of laser marking machine in China is still very fast, from the beginning of the domestic laser marking machine market is not good, to now the laser marking machine environment has been significantly improved, at present, everyone still recognizes and supports the laser marking machine. It can be said that there are few laser marking machines in the factory, but despite this, buying a laser marking machine is still a big consumption for everyone, after all, the price of laser marking machine is still not cheap.
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