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Pure water production equipment need to maintain a lot?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-13
Pure water production equipment and reliable water production is one of the important conditions to ensure the safety of industrial production water supply, so its running stability is very important, at the same time, the maintenance is also an important condition for pure water production equipment and stable operation, want to know any information about pure water production equipment maintenance, then may be for you to manage the content of the equipment has a lot of help. Pure water production equipment needs regular maintenance without a doubt, but for the question whether pure water production equipment requires constant maintenance, mainly according to the performance of the equipment and operating conditions to determine, high-quality equipment does not require constant maintenance, if the water quality, process configuration, such as design standards, as long as its periodic maintenance. Let's learn about the pure water equipment maintenance cycle. Basic is divided into chunks of pure water production equipment maintenance, pretreatment, reverse osmosis and sterilization equipment, reverse osmosis and pretreatment process require periodic maintenance: preprocessing part is mainly composed of sand filter, carbon filter, water softener. Usually preprocessing part generally USES hand ( Since the) Multi-way valve, this multi-way valve is simple, easy to learn and easy to use. Sand filter and carbon filter in use after a period of time, the surface layer of sand carbon accumulates some sediment, colloidal impurities, such as the larger particles, so we suggest that use 3 - on the device Seven days should be carried out on the sand filter and carbon filter backwash, sand and impurities on the surface of the carbon layer rushed out, in order to improve the filtering effect. Water softener is based on the principle of ion exchange are the two main functions of reducing the hardness of water, so as to use the extension of time, the Yang resin softening capacity also gradually reduce, need to use industrial salt for regeneration. Reverse osmosis membrane as the core component of a complete set of pure water production, more should careful maintenance. In the design of reverse osmosis system, should have automatic flushing function. When flushing pressure should be less than 3 kg, velocity faster. To wash away the dirt on the surface of the diaphragm. Usually, the service life of a film to 2 - 3 years, during this period, according to usage, if reverse osmosis pure water equipment in the running state for a long time, just regular using liquid cleaning, otherwise the time is long will cause the membrane surface aperture jams to produce water. Above is presented for pure water production equipment maintenance cycle and maintenance method, result in the condition of maintain regular maintenance, barring special circumstances, pure water production equipment without often maintain the stable operation.
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