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Quick start plastic three-way pipe laser welding doorway

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
According to the survey, many plastic pipe manufacturers are currently troubled by a very serious problem. How to weld plastic water pipes, plastic tee joints and plastic pipes? What are the methods and skills? Some people even put forward the idea that plastics cannot be welded. In fact, most plastic materials can be welded, of course, plastic pipes and plastic tee joints are no exception. In fact, the most effective method of plastic welding is to use laser welding. What? Laser welding machine is not used for welding metal materials, how can it be used for plastic welding? On the contrary, laser welding machine is better than conventional welding method in welding plastic. In fact, with the rapid development of laser welding technology, plastic laser welding can be carried out as early as several years ago. The basic principle of plastic laser welding is similar to the welding principle of metal materials. It is a technology that melts the plastic contact surface by means of the heat generated by the laser beam, thus realizing welding. And the overall performance has been far higher than the traditional plastic welding technology, the price is relatively reasonable. Therefore, most plastic pipe manufacturers are very recognized plastic laser welding machine. The following is the company's classification of plastic laser welding precautions:
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