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Rainwater collection used to increase the new rule

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Rainwater collection using the add new rules, the provincial standing committee meeting a second trial. Compared with the first draft, the second act ( The amended draft) In terms of the development and utilization of water resources, increased the relevant provisions on the construction of rainwater collection facilities, in order to promote urban development and sponge. In the first instance, some provincial standing committee, to deal with the relationship between the exploitation and utilization of water resources and water resources protection and rational exploitation and utilization of behavior control and scientific norms. For this reason, regulations ( The amended draft) According to the requirement of the State Council on setting water amount control red line, increased regulation: & other; Construction of new district in the city, municipal infrastructure construction projects shall rainwater collection, rainwater collection system, the use of facilities, and permeable pavement laying reclaimed water use of pipe network. ” At the same time, also added on setting up the content of the water resources carrying capacity monitoring and early warning mechanism, department of water administration under the provisions of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall establish a water resources carrying capacity monitoring and early warning mechanism, the total water indicators have reached or exceed control area, the relevant departments shall stop the examination and approval for the construction of the new water project, to the examination and approval of new recycling rainwater collection system construction project.
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