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Rainwater collection using see Japan

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
With rapid industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization development, together with the effects of climate change, shortage of water resources has become a lot of the challenges facing the country. Japan is one of the countries of the rain particularly rich, we will look at how the Japanese rainwater recycling system of rainwater into resources. Tokyo's annual rainfall of about 2. 5 billion cubic meters. Tokyo ink withdrawn is make full use of the model of the rain. In the two countries is the hall is a large public facilities using the pioneer of the rain. Skill in 1985 countries moved to ink withdrawn after the area between the two countries, with 8400 square meters of construction DaWuDing rainwater recycling system, can collect up to 1000 cubic meters of water. Daily use, such as flush toilets, summer can be used as a water cooling equipment, melting winter snow can be controlled by hydraulic roof of snow. Now, ink withdrawn government offices and many regional architecture can collection and utilization of rainwater, ink withdrawn the street is filled with rain barrels or into underground water tank. Rain water recycling system to collect rainwater for watering plants at ordinary times, perfusion of the children's play pool, cleaning recycled water bottles, to set up the family garden, etc. Stored in a massive earthquake disasters occur, the rain after boiling or filtering, also can be used as an emergency drinking water. The ink withdrawn residents to promote the use of rainwater, adopt the way of subsidies. In October 1995, the ink withdrawn to implement subsidies to households and firms rainwater recycling system of system, a cubic meters rainwater tank can subsidies under the half fee ( Limit is 40000 yen) Subsidies, large-scale underground water storage tank top 1 million yen, medium-sized water storage tank can be subsidized 300000 yen. The current 10000 yen is equivalent to RMB 517 yuan. This practice has spread to other places. In Tokyo, in response to & other; In the center of the capital to establish the micro reservoir & throughout; Slogan, Japan's television and university library such as more than 1000 large building miniature reservoir water recycling system is established. An increasing number of Japanese local government began to encourage construction can use water recycling system. In Osaka, Japan kansai region's largest city, for example, Osaka dome stadium facilities of rainwater recycling system can store 3400 cubic metres of rain water storage tank, it is mainly used for flushing toilets and watering plants, its annual rainwater recycling use equivalent to about 35% of the total water every year. Now, Japan mostly around the dome gymnasium took similar measures of rainwater recycling system. Japan has a lot to rainwater recycling system of civil organizations, through workshops, held a campaign, popularize rainwater recycling system technology. Located in the Tokyo metropolitan ink withdrawn & other Rain of citizens throughout the &; Is such an organization, the organization was established in April 1995, slogan & other; Is the flood of rain water outflow, stay is resource & throughout; , called on people to get rid of dependence on the distance reservoir, the water resources to achieve self-reliance, through accumulated rainwater to reduce flood, use water and groundwater by rain water recycling system to prevent drought. The group is also involved in the ink withdrawn of setting up a rain archive, for people to understand related technical knowledge. Elsewhere in Japan, there are also many similar organizations, such as & other; Kanagawa advance rainwater utilization of citizens throughout the &; “ Kansai advance rainwater utilization of citizens will & throughout; And so on. Japan still has a lot of the rain water recycling system of academic organization, such as love luca brasi county matsuyama city institute, Tokyo metropolitan use of rainwater utilization system of rainwater retention penetration technology academy, etc. Musashi industrial university, university of Japanese industrial projects also are studying the rainwater recycling system. Tokyo and other big cities in Japan has become & other; Concrete jungle & throughout; Due to a lot of ground and surface hardening treatment, rainfall is difficult to seep into the ground, but will focus on the sewer, sometimes leads to water reflux, appear & other; Urban flood & throughout; 。 To this end, the Tokyo metropolitan formulated the Tokyo metropolitan water percolating pointer, aims to encourage the rain to return to the earth, on the one hand to ensure that the underground water level, on the other hand also avoid & other; Urban flood & throughout; 。 Its measures include construction of porous pavement, rainwater infiltration side ditch, pond, surface virescence, goal is to make 80% of the yearly precipitation can infiltrate into the ground. The effective use of rainwater recycling system, can solve the problem of flood and water shortage at the same time. Can say, it is through from government to private comprehensive efforts, Japan's rain water recycling system has made gratifying achievements.
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