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Rainwater recycling experiment waste water to flush the toilet water treatment device can water the flowers

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
【 Water treatment equipment 】 Original information: rainwater recycling system to flush the toilet, the experimental wastewater by the water treatment equipment can be watered flowers! Have so a national green school & ndash; — Hangzhou zhongce vocational school. Into the school, everywhere can see the school's ecological & other; Be careful machine & throughout; , recently the school has been rated as provincial & other; The stream long & throughout; Youth water protection program to participate in the school. At the top of the school administration building and a teaching building, white slip away rainwater recycling system at the big box. Water used to flush the toilet in the teaching building. This project designed by the wing of the school green community, and has been recognized, winning in contests and provinces and cities in the country. “ Jiangnan rain, if encounter dry weather, also have a connection in the tap water pipes, water buoy position, not to the barrel will be automatically added into the water. ” Small lush garden just outside the science lab building. In the garden for a walk, will find in the garden a row of large and small shape pot, pot inside and from time to time came the sound of the machine. “ These are the sewage treatment equipment. ” School environmental group leader of panxi wide good teacher said with a smile, & other; Doing experiments, we often have some experimental wastewater, a class, or large amount of wastewater produced by experiment. One day a few hall experiment, the experimental wastewater quantity is some amazing. Sometimes in waste water containing heavy metals, the place such as flow directly to the river there is certainly a pollution. ” How to do? The school and the sewage treatment system is designed. Adjusting pool, neutralization pond, pond, and at the beginning of oxygen pond, aerobic pond, pond, pool, sand ratio, disinfection pool, pool, reuse of sludge pool, garden is small, a lot of these equipment, just the mini. Building the button a press, the equipment can work. “ The system water treatment training system which is called wisdom. ” Panxi good broad teacher introduction, it is tailor-made for school environment monitoring technology professional students training. The sewage treatment system is integrated into the school garden architectural style.
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