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River health and flood risk discussions

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-22
, March 15) regarding the risk of flooding in Inverness, I add the following.First, flood risk is defined as a product of probability and consequences, so the greater the development behind the dam, the greater the risk.The dam is only in the absence of further development behind the dam, reducing the risk by reducing the probability of flooding.
Secondly, the probability of flooding (If the dam is reinforced or raised, the top is reduced.However, the dam is at the maximum height (5.2 m AHD) can be supported by the banks of the river, so the possibility of reducing flooding is not an option.
Third, the probability of excessWith the rise of sea level, the top is also increasingDue to climate change, water levels rise and rainfall increases, so the risk is increasing even without further development.The fact that the dam increases/encourages risk is the dike paradox.At Launceston, those who should be clearer but will not deal with the impact of their decision ignore this.
For thousands of years, all the rivers have cut through their landscape channels, as have the South Esk River and the North Esk River.The resulting silt has been deposited in the flooded valleys, at their confluence and below.It is difficult for me to understand that the launch of the trevalin electric power program in 1955 had such a huge adverse effect on the silt formation in the Tamar estuary.
And how de-, March 12).
Kidd, you said sewage and storm.
, March12).
Does this mean that the combined system does not exist in the upper estuary of other places or is it unsuccessful in the upper estuary of other places?If the root cause of the poor water quality in the upper part of the Tamar estuary has been identified, should we move to fix the root cause instead of considering the belt-May or may not push the issue further downstream to a Aid solution?
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