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Rural sewage treatment research main leaders of the government inspection

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
【 Water treatment 】 Information: in order to comprehensively promote the rural sewage treatment, and efforts to improving the quality of the rural environment, 7 January morning, the district party committee, deputy secretary of the district led to street research rural sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment. The district government office, head to water department, environmental protection bureau. In rural sewage treatment station, field to understand the site operation, in and out of the water quality, and so on and so forth. He asked the bureau responsible for environmental protection, insist on the problem oriented, results oriented, comprehensive combing the existing rural sewage treatment equipment station operation, maintenance and other issues, to establish feasible solutions, definite measures are put forward, to guarantee rural sewage station of normal and orderly operation. Come to sewage PaiFangChu, on-site coordination studies control ideas and specific measures. Streets around the water authority, he asked to work together, in order to improve the public service function, improve rural living environment for the purpose, to determine equipment of sewage treatment and wastewater treatment as soon as possible, purchase the necessary equipment, technical measures, engineering measures, the way of combining strive to solve the problem from the source, make beautiful rural construction.
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