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Saudi Arabia for bidding of large sewage treatment plant

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
【 Water treatment 】 Information hydropower company (Saudi Arabia WEC) Province has invited the parties to develop in the mecca taif, near the city of an independent sewage treatment equipment factory ( 内向) Of interest. Saudi Arabia utility companies a statement, after completion of the new ISTP total processing capacity will reach 270000 cubic meters a day. The project is part of the Saudi vision in 2030, the program to realize to ensure that the future for the quality of life of residents of Saudi Arabia reliably sewage disposal service is very important. According to the WEC plan, the government will build a new set of independent sewage treatment plant, 内向) To meet the demand of the country's future sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment. As a strategic project in Saudi Arabia, independent taif city sewage treatment plant will be used by several of the world's leading industry experts as a consultant. Mizuho Bank chief financial advisor, White & amp; Case LLP will act as legal adviser and WS Atkins & amp; Partners are technical adviser. WEC will choose the developer or developers association through a competitive process, responsible for project development, financing, project design, procurement, construction, implementation, ownership, operation, maintenance, and transfer, and related infrastructure, etc.
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