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Say goodbye to the 'fake and shoddy' packing box laser marking machine to guide you to the 'right path'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
Nowadays, in order to improve their production efficiency and quality, many enterprises have specific marks on the outer packaging of products, or anti-counterfeiting marks. The outer packaging of high-end products is the most intuitive visual impact directly to users, that is, the first impression. So in the packaging of products, the emergence of the box laser marking machine, so that the majority of enterprises have a better choice. In particular, the use of CO2 laser marking machine for packaging boxes makes product packaging and the like appear more high-end and classy. It can not only mark serial numbers and two-dimensional codes, but also mark two-dimensional and three-dimensional pictures, and the marking patterns cannot be changed, compared with the traditional inkjet method, the content of laser marking cannot be changed twice. However, the traditional marking can be scrubbed for secondary printing, which leaves considerable loopholes for criminals. At this time, there will be many fake goods and fake and inferior products. Not only will it be used by criminals for the second time, but more importantly, it will seriously affect the image or reputation of formal enterprises. The packaging box laser marking machine is an advanced laser marking equipment machine to solve the following problems. So what are the advantages of the packaging box fiber laser marking machine? 1. The marking quality is high-end and atmospheric. As we have mentioned above, the traditional marking can only be marked at most, and there is nothing to do with the later two-dimensional code, two-dimensional and three-dimensional pictures, etc, the scalability is relatively poor. 2. The special laser marking machine for the packaging box adopts laser, which is the production of new energy application packaging box. Compared with the traditional inkjet method, the sense of science and technology is doubled, and there is no pollution and radiation, it solves the worry of traditional marking operators caused by air pollution, and is also conducive to the hygiene of the production environment of factories and enterprises. 3. The speed and effect of marking have been rapidly improved, which is incomparable with the traditional marking. It is also an unimaginable benefit before the birth of laser marking equipment. Due to the adoption of laser optical fiber transmission and numerical control computer control, as well as assembly line production modes such as femtosecond platform, semi-automated or fully automated intelligent marking, greatly improving the marking rate and reducing labor, reducing the production cost and improving production efficiency. Packaging box laser marking machine is used more and more, and many industries have also begun to pay attention to the application of such equipment, which can be used not only for food packaging, but also for metal, nonmetal, circuit board, glass, acrylic, plastic and leather bags, almost all the products used in the production of mobile phone cases and other packaging boxes can be marked, and they will never fade back. They are the crown in the packaging box marking production equipment.
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