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Say what there are pure water equipment configuration of the standard

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-08
As companies produce water demand is higher and higher, water purification career of pure water equipment utilization rate is rising, it can remove various bacteria existing in the raw water impurities, heavy metals and residual chlorine, conform to the specifications with water. Today technicians to introduce you to some pure water equipment and equipment specification, let you when choosing and using more centering. Water rate: 0. 25 t - 100 t/H raw water: tap water supply modes: active continuous water supply water quality standard: GB / 1734 - pure water equipment to countries 2003 specification as the base, and conductivity of 10 or less to us. Voltage requirements: ordinary power, grounding resistance of 10 w tank shall be equipped with anhydrous maintenance equipment: in pure water purification process, pure water equipment is set active manipulation of the RO system, under the condition of the water may be without water, active closed water pump. Active feed water control: when the pure water equipment, pure water tank water level elevation of the manipulation, manipulation of the active closed tank filling water, and can implement the initiative to water supply. Power equipment maintenance: when pure water equipment running in the attack, can active detection, closed the corresponding power supply, avoid the accident. High/low voltage protection: in the pure water equipment supply pressure is too high or too low, pure water equipment can be closed RO system actively.
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