ODM service

JND WATER & JND TECH can provide customers with professional ODM customized services. According to customer needs, JND WATER & JND TECH provides all services from R&D, design to production, and post-maintenance. The product quality has also reached the product quality and safety standards of different countries and regions, such as CE, UL

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Sales service


1.Confirm customer's finished product, water, juice, gas beverage or other product?
2.Customer's requirements on bottle type and capacity.
3.Plant area and room layout.


We have the advantage of a multilingual business team, receiving customers from different countries one-on-one and providing professional problem solutions


Have a professional design and engineer team to provide overseas after-sales service and quality assurance


Customs declaration services for cargo transportation can be provided. All the machines we provide are packaged in wooden boxes, which meet the corresponding long-distance shipping and inland transportation protection standards, and are moisture-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof and rough-proof.

Custom services

Based on the liquid, bottle type and output ,we will provide the most suitable supporting equipment, from water treatment equipment to the palletizing machine and the related auxiliary equipment.

Among them, in the choice of bottle size and shape, We can use the general description of the customer (or the customer can give the bottle he likes) to design the bottle, also we can carve the customer's logo on the bottle , by using CAD or other drawing software to make the vector drawing of the bottle to the customer to confirm the shape.

The mold will be produced according to the pattern, and then we will blowing some bottle samples to let customer to make sure the bottle, after customer confirmation, the mold will be saved and put into production line later.

Customers can also give us a drawing of bottle to process the mold to meet the their needs.

For the bottle labels, clients provides us the logo and related information which will display on the label ,we will make a design , or clients provide a previous designs, and we will selects labels of different materials to be printed according to the type of the label machine, before produce, we will make some sample and sent clients to make sure the design too.

We will make the layout of client’s whole factory building according to the size of the factory and each room, combined with the size of our equipment, confirm the location of each equipment, and make the drawings.

According to the drawings, we will configured the whole conveyor system, make sure that the conveyor system between each equipment can running smoothly, also made full use of the customer plant space simultaneously.

after-sale service


All the machines we supplied will be package with wooden cases, subject to the corresponding standard of protection against long distance sea transportation and inland transportation , and will be well protected against moisture, shock, rust and rough handling.

Technical Training

The company will providing equipment and relevant materials as stipulated in the contract.

And we will provide technical training for free, clients can arrange stuff to our factory to study the installation and commissioning the machines, also we can arrange our engineer to clients factory to train the stuffs.

Due to geographic area ,If client can not arrange stuff to our factory or we can arrange engineer to client’s place, we also supply online guide installation and commissioning,or send operation video to clients.

Technical Consulting Services

24 hours Hotline service will provide hotline help service for clients ,Clients can obtain help services, including troubleshooting, fault location and other services.

Internet remote maintenance for customers to provide Internet remote maintenance services, achieve rapid system diagnosis and troubleshooting, fully ensure the normal and stable operation of the system.

Installation and commissioning

The whole process of cooperation, we provide free technical personnel to guide the installation.

During the installation process, the technician will inform the user of the precautions and how to solve the common problems after installation, and the technicians guide the whole process operation.

After clients stuff can proficiency operating all the machines, our engineer will leave.

Solve customer problems

Set up a after-sales service team, composed of sales, technology, customers, and boss, and the service personnel shall respond within 2 hours after receiving the after-sales feedback.  

During the warranty period of the equipment, we provide free accessories in the case of non-human damage. 

Video guidance trouble shooting

When client encounters the problem, we will ask client send us a picture or video of the problems, also some description of the problems, bases on those data, we will feedback the problems ,and how to solve it, if the client can not make sure, we will make a video to them to guide solve the problems.

The engineer went to the site to solve the problem

When the video can not solve the problem, we will immediately organize engineer to go to the scene to solve the problem.

And we will prepare the parts within the time of visa application. The parts will be transported abroad and arrive at the same time with the engineer.

The problem will be solved within one week.


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