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Shangpu Consulting: Three major development trends of domestic filling machinery

Shangpu Consulting: Three major development trends of domestic filling machinery


Suntech consulting: three major development trends of domestic filling machinery | enters BBS | source: China economic net | mobile phone to see video Filling machinery belongs to a series of packaging machinery.Filling machine is one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in the realization of automatic production.Especially the liquid filling machinery, resin filling machinery, paint filling machinery, edible oil filling machinery, paint filling machinery is the leader of the filling machinery industry.

Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: the future of domestic filling machinery has three major trends.

First, the future filling machine will be multi-functional development, the same equipment, will be able to tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and fruit juice drinks and other beverages hot filling, but also for glass bottles and polyester bottles filling.

Two is: canned mechanical technology content will increase, reliability will be enhanced.The automatic control level of the whole line and the whole line efficiency are improved, online detection device and measuring device complete set, can automatically detect various parameters, accurate measurement.Set machinery, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the emerging high-tech products.

Three is: mechanical equipment supply capacity will be increasingly strong.For example: a beverage filling line, by the microcomputer parts, control software, filling and sealing matching combination, real productivity and theoretical technology.Suppliers can provide users with engineering design, installation, commissioning, and finally user acceptance.

According to the "2007-2008 China beverage canned machinery industry research and consulting report" issued by suntech consulting, the filling machinery technology has been widely used in the development, design and manufacturing of food and beverage packaging.At present, the main development trend of filling machinery is to constantly improve the degree of automation of the single machine, improve the level of automatic control of the whole packaging production line, production capacity, can greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment, improve its domestic and international comprehensive competitiveness.(suntech consulting)

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