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Shantou laser cutting machine cutting seam too wide factory solution

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Shantou laser cutting machine is a very important processing method in sheet metal processing industry, which has the advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency. When metal laser processing, many people always worry that the cutting is not transparent, and sometimes as the equipment is used longer and longer, the accuracy of the equipment will decline, and the cutting seam of the laser cutting machine is too wide, the progress required for cutting cannot be reached. So, if the equipment encounters such a situation, how to follow up next? What is the reason why the cutting seam of the laser cutting machine is too wide: 1. First of all, we should check whether the focal length of the fiber laser cutting machine is correct, and the form of adjusting the focal length of the fiber is broken up and automatic, manual focusing is easily forgotten by technicians. Especially after replacing or cleaning the lens, the focal length should be adjusted. 2. If there is no problem with the focal length, you can check the lens first. If the lens is defaced, there will also be cutting problems. The large slit can be avoided through the debugging of the equipment, if the lens is not clean, it is easy to scatter the light and the light becomes thicker. At this time, it is a good choice to check the lens for cleaning or replacement. 3. The placement of the laser tube is also a very important aspect. Check the spot quality of the laser. If there are two points or the spot is not round, it may be that the supporting point of the laser tube needs to be adjusted, many people will ignore this reason, which also needs attention. There are often some mistakes in the process of using the laser cutting machine, which requires us to do a good job of maintenance in order to guarantee the efficient and long-term operation of the laser cutting machine, create maximum value for users.
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