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Shantou laser welding machine _ pulse laser spot welding | in-depth explanation of optical fiber continuous welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
When it comes to Shantou laser welding machine, I believe many Shantou bosses are no strangers. However, many bosses have stayed at the level of laser welding machines more than ten years ago. So in order to let more friends in the circle can be more in-depth understanding of laser welding machine, and enjoy the real benefits of laser welding machine. Here is a detailed introduction to such equipment: laser welding machines on the market are mainly divided into two types: Pulse and continuous laser welding machines, so what are the differences and characteristics between the two? This is what to talk about next. For example, the most common laser welding machine currently on the market belongs to pulse laser welding, which is characterized by low power and aims at thin plate 1. Within 2 Iron, stainless steel material welding, especially welding colored stainless steel has the advantage of no discoloration, no deformation. However, the disadvantage is that the welding firmness is not high and cannot be used as welding of stress components. What are the biggest differences and characteristics between pulsed laser welding machines and continuous laser welding machines? First of all, the working principle between the two is different. As it involves a lot of professional knowledge, I will speak at half past one and absorb it slowly, so I will not talk about it specifically! We will compare the common argon arc welding! Pulse laser welding is equivalent to the spot welding function of argon arc welding. The weld bead is connected by 1. 1 solder joints. The higher the frequency, the faster the welding speed. The advantages are fast welding speed, small deformation, low noise, small radiation, and easy grinding treatment in the later stage of the weld bead (Solder joint is only 1. 5mm so small) , Can also weld a narrow space within 10 cm at a long distance, and can also Weld while ensuring the welding strength. The working efficiency is 1. 5 times, the most important thing is that the requirements for operators are not as high as argon arc welding. As long as there are some argon arc welding personnel, they can operate within one hour. The thinnest weld 0. 2mm of the material, there is no need to worry about the occurrence of welding penetration! ! ! The disadvantage is that it is large in size, with a maximum power of only 600 watts. But welding 2. There is still no problem with the thickness within 0. Continuous laser welding machine is equivalent to the welding function of argon arc welding, and the weld bead is continuous line, aiming at 2. Medium-thick materials above 0 have obvious advantages ( There are currently 500 watts, 800 watts, 1000 watts-3000 watts of various powers. Japan has more than 10000 watts of high-power laser welding machine) Measured by Shenzhen laser's 1000 W continuous laser welding machine: under the condition of full power, 4. 0 stainless steel can be completely welded and passed the tensile damage test and X-ray flaw detection test, which fully meets the national Welding standards. So what are its shortcomings? First of all, continuous fiber laser welding machine is suitable for linear trajectory welding! Since the power of continuous optical fiber is generally large, the protection measures are more stringent when used. At present, regardless of pulse laser welding or continuous laser welding, there is a defect in the welding gap requirement, that is, more than 0. With a gap of 5mm, laser welding machine cannot weld. At present, automatic wire filling welding is not so mature, so it is more suitable to use sheet metal products. Having said so much above, what is the relationship between laser welding machine and metal products industry? Through my years of contact, the conclusion is that there is a relationship and it is still very big. It solves a lot of things that argon arc welding and cold welding machines can't do. The deformation is really small, the welding can be very thin, the speed is much faster, the labor cost is almost half saved, the product quality is improved a lot, and a lot of post-processing work is saved. In a word, it's just such a thing, it's just such a reason, you can know if it's good to use it.
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