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Shantou stainless steel laser cutting machine _ laser pipe cutting machine _ stainless steel cutting principle?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
Soul torture--What does the laser look like in your eyes? Is it the 'OTT laser' that hits the little monster? ( Dynamic light wave, biu biu biu ~~) Or colorful and dazzling stage lights? (It's so dazzling, so colorful ~~) In contemporary science fiction movies and TV plays, you may see the following scenes more often-- Seeing here, you may find that laser is really sweet and salty. In the industrial society, facing the stainless steel products, it is also 'not polite' and the quick tool is not the common 'knife, gun, sword, sword, axe, fork, Hook, fork, idle stick, stick, whip, stick and hammer', but a laser beam, after this beam of light acts on the metal, it can cut them quickly and accurately. Bingo! The plot design in the film is based on the 'laser cutting' technology. We all know that 'fire can make money'. Have our friends been curious -? -What is laser cutting? How high is the energy of this high-energy laser? The principle of laser cutting is its literal meaning. Laser cutting machine is a technology that uses focused high power density laser beam to cut materials. Moreover, laser cutting is a kind of thermal cutting. Why do you say that? Let's take a closer look at the principle of laser cutting. The laser cutting system focuses the high-energy laser to the surface of the material by using a laser focusing system, and the material absorbs the laser energy, resulting in local heating above the melting point. At the same time, coaxial high-pressure gas or steam will blow away the molten metal, resulting in voids on the surface of the material. As the laser moves along the setting program, the material is finally cut out of the shape of the corresponding pattern. Laser power of laser cutting machine common laser cutting machines are: stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine and stainless steel CO2 laser cutting machine. As the name implies, the lasers used by the two are derived from fiber lasers and CO2 lasers respectively. At present, fiber laser, with its advantages of high light output power and small spot size, has already occupied much more market than CO2 laser and is still growing. The content without data support is rather pale. Do you want to know how high the laser power is used for laser cutting? The next set of analytical graph data of laser power will definitely make you exclaim: Oh my god! Today's stainless steel laser cutting machine is introduced here, pay attention to laser to learn more about the laser industry information, thank you for reading, thank you!
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