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Sheet metal industry into laser enterprises LTD

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-17
Sheet metal industry is the most important application of laser processing market, one of China's huge potential market for laser machine in the large-scale application of sheet metal industry has provided a broad space. As the competition in different stages of the sheet metal industry profit margins are in compression, increasingly reduced price cut space. In sheet metal market competition will be converted to high quality, high technology content product competition. Sheet metal processing industry in order to comply with the international market development trend, all processing technology transformation. Laser processing technology, as a kind of new technology, is the product of the development of modern science and technology of laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and laser forming technology is increasingly applied in sheet metal processing. Sheet metal is for sheet metal, Usually in under 6 mm) A comprehensive cold working process, including cutting, punching/cut/composite, folding, welding, riveting, joining together, forming ( Such as automobile body) , such as the significant feature is the thickness of the same parts. Laser cutting machine is a technology revolution, sheet metal processing is the 'central processing' in sheet metal processing; A high degree of flexibility, laser cutting machine cutting speed, high produce efficiency, product production cycle is short, as the customer to win the broad market. Its effective life time is long, the abroad more than 2 mm thickness plate mostly adopts the laser cutting machine, many foreign experts think 30 - in the future 40 years is the golden period of development laser processing technology. Laser cutting machine widely used in the production of modern life, at present there are mainly three kinds of laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine. Gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center in China, along with increase of foreign investment, the metal processing demand increasing, and the electric control box in the metal processing industry, machine shell in general are sheet metal parts, such as sheet metal processing capacity demand is also constantly improve so as a result, the complexity of the process is more high, even some parts process reached more than dozens of tao, also in terms of accuracy of sheet metal processing and put forward the higher request. People say that optical fiber laser cutting machine is standing on a giant's shoulders. It first in foreign developed countries began to rise, led to the rapid development of the related manufacturing industry, China began to overtake in recent years, and has been implemented in the field of optical fiber laser cutting machine. This achievement makes China's high-end manufacturing and shorten the gap between foreign high-end equipment manufacturing, may even have made China's high-end equipment manufacturing to catch up with the pace of overseas high-end equipment manufacturing technology, optical fiber laser cutting machine power China's manufacturing industry to realize leap-forward development. Optical fiber laser cutting machine in recent years has been popular in the field of sheet metal processing, laser cutting industry as a main force of sheet metal industry. The traditional sheet metal processing technology: shear - Blunt - Bending - Or flame plasma cutting - welding process Bending - Welding process. In many varieties, small batch and customization, high quality, short delivery time before the order, it has obvious shortcomings: (1) ( Numerical control) Shearing due to its main is linear cutting, can only be used on only need linear cutting sheet metal processing; ②( CNC / 2-foot-tall tower) Punch on thickness in 1. More than 5 mm steel plate cutting has a limit, and the surface quality is bad, high cost, big noise, is not conducive to environmental protection; (3) flame cutting cutting way, as the original tradition in hot deformation, the slot width, cutting the waste of materials, processing speed slow, only suitable for rough machining; (4) high pressure water cutting processing speed is slow, cause serious pollution and high cost. A new type of sheet metal cutting equipment and technological process Laser cutting is a technology revolution, sheet metal processing is the 'processing center' in the sheet metal processing. Laser cutting process has advantages of flexible and high flexibility. At present the problems existing in the traditional sheet metal cutting, laser cutting demand is also rising. The advantages of the new sheet metal cutting process are: (1) laser cutting high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high efficiency, short production cycle, whether simple or complex parts, can use laser to achieve a fast forming cutting; (2) the narrow kerf width, good cutting quality and high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; (3) which can realize automatic cutting layout, nesting, raising the utilization rate of materials, no tool wear, good adaptability to materials; (4) the production of low cost, good economic benefit. Laser processing laser cutting sheet metal laser cutting
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