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Shenzhen Huizhou Zhongshan metal laser welding machine factory will develop rapidly!

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Judging from the development in recent years, in the past five years, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, has produced thousands of manufacturers of research, development, production and trade of metal laser welding machines, in contrast, Shenzhen can be said to be one of the important engines of Guangdong's economic growth in the next 10 years, but at present, it is still too early to surpass Shenzhen in laser welding equipment technology, after all, Shenzhen is the leading 'laser Valley' capital in China, and Shenzhen's laser technology developed earlier. It has formed a set of perfect research and development and manufacturing system with strong technical strength. Due to the expansion of development scale, many metal laser welding machine manufacturers need to better improve product quality, manage product production costs and develop according to local conditions, in particular, many metal laser welding machine manufacturers in Shenzhen have begun to set up branch factories in Zhongshan area of Huizhou to carry out division of labor and manufacturing and implement local assembly production. In other words, Shenzhen plans to develop into a science and technology research and development center in the next 10 years, its surrounding cities including Huizhou and Zhongshan will become the manufacturing plants of Shenzhen R & D center. In fact, the laser welding equipment produced by laser welding machine manufacturers in various places is not of poor quality, but because many of their manufacturers are headquartered in Shenzhen, and the real core technology is in the hands of Shenzhen laser manufacturers, for the local laser welding machine manufacturers, if they want to improve the laser research and development technology, they also need to introduce relevant laser technology talents and a large amount of capital investment, we believe that with the help of relevant local policies in Shenzhen and Huizhou Zhongshan, metal laser welding machine manufacturers around the country will develop rapidly!
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