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Shenzhen laser equipment manufacturers open the door and pull up their sleeves to dry

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Dear friends, Shenzhen Precision Equipment Technology Co. , Ltd. Spring Festival holiday is over, February 12, 2019 (Lunar January 8) Officially started, I wish you all the money in the new year, business is booming! All the best! 2018 thanks for having you, 2019 please take care of it! Today, the first day of work after the festival. Perhaps, you are still immersed in the joy and ease of the Spring Festival, but the new journey has begun. Those dreams that have not yet been realized and those that have not yet arrived are waiting for your departure and start. Happiness is a struggle! Time records your footsteps, and performance proves your efforts. All pride and success can only represent the past. In the new year, we will continue to make persistent efforts to achieve success! 2019 has already opened his chapter. At the same time, the laser fired firecrackers on the 8th day to open the door to welcome guests. I wish all stores a prosperous business, a thriving business and a prosperous customer service! Here I would like to introduce to you the main projects of Shenzhen Precision Equipment Technology Co. , Ltd: laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2/UV/portable laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, stainless steel laser welding machine, continuous laser welding machine, YAG laser welding machine, pulse laser welding machine and other automation supporting Plan! Welcome new and old customers to inquire! Opening a lot of discounts, not to be missed!
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