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Shenzhen laser marking machine configuration parameters comprehensive explanation

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
After the struggle in 2018, Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. has occupied nearly 30% of the laser marking machine market in Shenzhen. This achievement is due to the unremitting efforts of all members of our team, among them, the high-configuration model of the fiber laser marking machine has made a great contribution. Today, I would like to introduce the main components of the high-configuration model of the fiber laser marking machine: 1. Fiber laser: that is, the component that generates the laser, it is also the core part of the whole optical fiber marking machine. There are many domestic and imported brands. At this stage, the imported brands we commonly see are: German ipg uk spi France manlight and other brands. The common domestic fiber lasers are: Ruike, Chuangxin, jepte and so on. Ruike and Chuangxin are the earliest brands of lasers in China and are relatively mature. For equipment manufacturers, it is worth buying domestic fiber laser marking machines, while for terminals, it is worth buying imported fiber laser marking machines. Why? From the perspective of cost performance, the service life and price of domestic lasers are different from those of imported lasers, but the quality assurance of equipment is basically the same. 2. Vibrating mirror: most of the vibrating mirrors used in fiber laser marking machines are digital vibrating mirrors. In fact, the digital mirror is not as big as the analog mirror, which is an analog mirror plus a DA office. In this way, the signal transmission process is in the form of a digital signal, the interference that may be suffered during transmission is reduced. 3. Field mirror: Also called flat field focusing mirror, scanning lens, F-Θ mirror. It is mainly used to focus the light from the mirror on a plane. When buying, pay attention to the scope of marking, according to their own needs to determine, do not blindly seek big. The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine and the semiconductor marking machine is 1064nm, and the field mirror of both is generally universal. 4. Marking card: for fiber laser marking machines, golden orange USB marking cards are generally selected. USB marking cards are divided into USB analog marking cards and USB digital marking cards. USB analog marking card is matched with analog vibrating mirror, and UISB digital marking card is matched with digital vibrating mirror. 5. Red light indicator: also called red light pen, it is used to indicate the light path, because 1064nm laser cannot be seen, while 650nm light of red light indicator is visible, the light at 650nm is overlapped with the light at 1064nm through the beam-closing mirror, so where the light at 650nm indicates, the light at 1064nm is, so as to indicate the light path. The red light pen is installed in the red light beam frame. 6. Beam-closing mirror: Also called Beam-closing mirror. The role of the beam-closing mirror: used to indicate the optical path. Because 1064nm laser is invisible, in the actual marking process, we often need to know where the laser focus point is, so as to determine whether the marking position is right. Through the beam-closing mirror, we combine the red light of 650nm emitted by the diode with the laser of 1064nm to form a beam of light under the action of the beam-closing mirror, in this way, the position indicated by 650nm red light is the position of 1064nm laser, so as to achieve the purpose of using 650nm red light to indicate 1064nm laser. 7, fiber marking machine cabinet: Also called laser marking machine cabinet, laser control cabinet. If a marking machine is compared to a house, then the Cabinet is the frame of the house, and all the other accessory pairs are installed in this House. 8. Fiber laser power supply: As the name implies, it supplies power to fiber laser. The general fiber laser is not equipped with power supply, but the parameters of the fiber laser will tell us what kind of power he needs to power him. 9. Industrial Control Computer: ordinary computer can also be used. For optical fiber marking machine, because its marking card is USB marking card, then this computer can also use notebook computer, this is also one of the important reasons why the optical fiber laser marking function is made into a portable marking machine. 10. Total power control box: if it is a portable marking machine, it is generally not installed, but if it is made into a larger machine, it is still good to install one. 11. Red beam-closing frame: It is located in the optical path and is used to install the beam-closing mirror and red light indicator. The above is only reference information, because each customer needs different, so it is inevitable that there will be differences, the specific content of the contract shall prevail.
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