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Shenzhen laser marking machine manufacturer explains the principle of laser marking so concise and clear

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Laser marking machine is mainly used for surface processing of metal and nonmetal. Almost all products in all industries need to use marking, such as beverage bottle caps, wire insulators, integrated circuits, glass crafts, etc. , when there was no laser marking equipment before, people used ink jet to mark. However, the ink-jet logo has a series of shortcomings, which are easy to be erased and tampered with. The marking content is single and can only be typed as monochrome or digital text content. The pattern is generally difficult to type. After marking with laser, this kind of shortcoming has indeed been perfectly solved, which has an eliminating effect on anti-counterfeiting. Control Principle of laser marking machine: laser marking machine consists of four parts: laser power supply, laser, two coordinate workbench and numerical control system. The numerical control system controls the workbench to move accordingly according to the program input by the user and the marking process parameters. When walking to a certain character or pattern point, the laser marking machine command is sent out. After receiving the command, the laser emits pulsed laser, and the laser beam is focused on the surface of the processed object through the optical Mirror Group. Under the action of strong power laser, the surface of the object is melted or evaporated to form traces. These dot matrix combinations are the words or patterns to be engraved. Software and hardware design of the system: the system software includes user icon editing, User-defined pattern library generation, marking calculation and control, ICON program management, workpiece counting, program verification, etc. , as shown in figure 3. This article does not repeat how to write system software in MCU language, but mainly discusses the implementation methods of the first three functions.
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