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Shenzhen laser marking machine safe operation tutorial

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Safe operation Shenzhen laser marking machine is the knowledge that laser marking machine users need to master. Below is the Shenzhen laser marking machine manufacturer to provide you with several common sense about safe operation of laser marking machine. 1, must operate according to the laser opening sequence process; 2, need to load the labor protection server, especially the wearing of protective glasses; 3. If any abnormality is found in the processing process, eliminate the fault in time and report it to relevant personnel; 4, must be familiar with the equipment component structure, equipment performance and operating system related operational knowledge; 5. Do not operate the materials that are unknown to whether laser marking can be used to avoid unnecessary trouble; 6, keep the laser clean and tidy, do not mess around the marking machine, to prevent too much dust, to prevent the circulation of air; 7. The equipment that is running must be guarded by someone or unprofessional. If you need to leave, please turn off the equipment and cut off the power supply; 8, must be equipped with fire extinguishers; Do not turn off the laser or light brake of the marking equipment that is working, and do not put flammable items near the laser beam; The above is about the Shenzhen laser marking machine how to operate the laser marking equipment more safely. For the laser marking machine users, safe production and processing is the most important choice;
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