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Specific operation methods and precautions of

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-27
Capping machine is a special supporting equipment used by the pharmaceutical industry to measure the volume of lyophilized powder injection drugs such as antibiotics, biochemical drugs, etc. via a filling machine, freeze-dry the lyophilizer, and then seal the aluminum cap. This system capping machine is suitable for capping and sealing of 2ML-30ML glass bottle aluminum caps. ???The main structure of the equipment consists of a bottle unscrambler, an auger mechanism, a mechanical transmission system, an oscillating cap unscrambler, a capping head, a bottle receiving tray, and a bottle ejection mechanism. ???Specific operation method of equipment 1. Place the bottle filled with the liquid and the lid on the lower tray, lean on the V-shaped support block, hold the bottle with one hand, and pull the handle back and down with the other hand. At this time, the tray lifts the bottle up. Lift until the bottle cap is tightly pressed against the capping head. 2. After the bottle cap and the cap-pressing head are pressed tightly, the three cap-pressing cutter heads that are constantly rotating are rotated for several turns, and the bottle cap is tightened. (Note) The motor must be operated clockwise. 3. Push the handle forward, so that the cap that has been rolled back will return to the original position with the tray. The entire operation process is completed, and the above operation can be repeated every time when a bottle cap is rolled. ???Equipment adjustment The machine is equipped with multiple capping heads, which can be selected according to the size of different bottle caps. Try it out in a bottle before use. 1. The lid is not tight. You can unscrew the lock nut of the rolled head in a counterclockwise direction, and then lock the upper nut. 2. The cap is rolled too tightly, and there is a phenomenon that the cap is rotated. The upper rolling head lock nut can be unscrewed by turning the upper rolling head in a clockwise direction, and then tighten the upper fixing nut. 3. The bottom edge of the bottle cap is not tightly tightened, and the eccentricity of the three rolling heads can be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation. If it is closed too tightly and there is a phenomenon of crushing bottles, the eccentricity of the three cutter heads can be increased appropriately. 4, with automatic start and stop function. 5. Adopting the principle of seven-station and three-knife cap rolling, there is no damage to the rolled aluminum cap, the rolling mouth is firm, smooth and flat, and the pass rate is ≥99.5% ???Note for capping machine: 1. This machine is forbidden to use in the environment with flammable gas. 2. The machine must not be stored and used in a humid, corrosive gas or high dust environment. 3. The rotation direction cannot be changed continuously during use, so as not to damage the motor and shorten the life.
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