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Starting from the point of life, the sink laser welding machine manufacturer can be described as 'following the advice'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
As we all know, the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are all made of stainless steel. They are often used to wash food. They are products that can be directly contacted by water and human hands. Now people's production quality has improved, the requirements for products naturally increased. In the past, although the sink was nominally stainless steel, it was almost all iron-containing stainless steel. Moreover, the traditional welding method is adopted, and the appearance does not meet the requirements. We will not mention it for the time being. The welding gap is often leaking, and the surface is rough and iron slag is removed. The food is often washed and there is a hidden danger of food hygiene, moreover, direct injury to fingers also occurs frequently. Nowadays, the production material of the kitchen sink is no longer the iron-containing stainless steel in the past, but the real stainless steel material. Obviously, the traditional welding method can no longer meet the welding requirements, as a result, the laser welding machine for kitchen and bathroom sinks was born naturally. At the same time, there will be users who question the sink laser welding machine, and question whether the sink laser welding machine can really perfectly meet the needs of users? Don't worry, let's continue to look down at the advantages of the laser welding machine in the sink. Don't 'cut the Gordian knot '. Sink laser welding machine features: sink laser welding machine industry application: sink laser welding machine welding Video Display: kitchen and bathroom sink laser welding machine is not only applied to the sink, because of the pollution-free and radiation-free characteristics, it has become an inevitable choice for many manufacturers of products with high hygiene standards. If you are a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products, you can contact 【Laser]Laser welding equipment manufacturers contact!
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