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Suggestions given by the manufacturer when the customer asked how much the laser welding machine cost

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Laser Information: when many new users buy laser welding machines, they almost all have a common feature that the first sentence when consulting is to ask how much the laser welding machine costs. For laser welding equipment manufacturers, every time I hear such a question, I understand that the purchasing user is definitely a novice, and it is a product that has not yet purchased laser welding equipment,, if you don't answer after the user's consultation, it is inappropriate to close the distance with the customer, let alone to do a good job. Therefore, as a manufacturer's equipment salesperson, almost all of them say, 'the equipment is customized according to the needs of users, and different materials are welded, and different production processes and efficiencies will make the performance configuration of the equipment the same, and the price cannot be unified. 'for such an answer, the customer will mention the price, however, for our manufacturers, we have no idea about the price. If the price is high, the customer may not have the next negotiation and report low, that is the performance that we are not responsible for the enterprise. For such customer problems, we still suggest that users bring their own product material samples or send them to the company by express mail to discuss proofing on the spot, experience relevant equipment and jointly analyze user needs before discussing the price issue, because we didn't see the sample and proofing effect, we didn't know how to configure and implement the processing program. All quotations are blind reports. It is a kind of disrespect for customers and is not responsible for the company, the performance of being unkind to the profession! For this reason, Shenzhen laser welding machine equipment manufacturers will analyze which functions and devices need to be matched according to the welding quality of user products to achieve user satisfaction, and will provide users with solutions, such as whether vibrating mirrors are needed, visual Positioning, automatic feeding, robot hand, double Station, laser type, multi-optical path erection and other issues, this targeted configuration allows users to purchase products with higher cost performance. In contrast, some assembled manufacturers in the market often provide users with some unrealistic configurations in order to obtain greater profits. What users often buy is not high price, but poor practical application, that is, low price, the fact that no action is actually applied, therefore, when new users purchase, they cannot simply think that high prices are high-quality products, and low prices can make do with them. In addition to considering cost performance, we must also see the quality of after-sales service.
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