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Summarize the details of common laser marking machines on the market

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-16
The use of laser marking machine can be said to be very extensive. In today's society, people can see everywhere like mobile phones, food and beverage packaging, of course, in the packaging industry can be said to be the most. There are too many places where industrial products are used: Electronic Components, plastic pipes, paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, gift packaging industries, etc. are countless. The co2 laser marking machine in the laser marking machine is mainly marked with non-metallic materials, such as pet material for beverage bottles, which is also divided into 10. 6 μm and 9. 3 m out of 2 kinds of effects. The effect is very different. The effect is good, of course, the price is also expensive. In co2 laser marking machine, static marking machine and dynamic online marking machine are also divided. The industry is commonly known as online laser printer. Nowadays, the fiber laser marking machine has not been popularized. Before, the semiconductor laser marking machine was used most, but now the price of the fiber laser marking machine has been greatly reduced, many users are slowly beginning to gradually not using semiconductor laser marking machines. After all, the maintenance, price and life of the two are not comparable. The optical fiber laser marking machine actually does not need me to say more about the marking of ordinary materials. The optical fiber laser marking machine has basically eliminated the semiconductor laser marking machine with the same function. The semiconductor needs cold water machine cooling, the cost of use and maintenance are too much relative to optical fiber. Metal material is the best marking effect of fiber laser marking machine, whether it is carbon steel or stainless steel, electroplating material, etc. have a good performance. Non-metallic materials such as pp, pvc, nylon, abs and other plastic materials also have good effects. However, it is not to say that there are only these kinds of laser marking machines on the market. The above are just the classification of common laser marking machines.
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