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Summary of the latest purchase methods and skills of laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
Choose a better laser marking machine can not just look at the price, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but, the cheapest is certainly not good. The following is a summary of some skills for the purchase of laser marking machine equipment, I hope everyone can gain something. 1. Look at the marking materials: First of all, consider what materials to mark. According to the type of laser, the laser marking machine mainly includes optical fiber, CO2, semiconductor, lamp pump and other categories. For metal, nonmetal, alloy or special materials, different types of laser marking machining effects are also different. 2. Look at the size of the workpiece: select the appropriate machine size according to the size of the product to be processed. The choice of laser marking machine size is not the larger the machine size, the better. On the one hand, large-scale equipment is of course more expensive; on the other hand, the laser output average of some poor-quality machinery and equipment at various points on a large-scale is unstable, resulting in different depths of marking products on the same table, therefore, it is correct to choose the most appropriate format. 3. Look at the specific process requirements: even if it is laser marking, it can be subdivided into more specific processing technologies such as plane marking, three-dimensional marking, fixed marking, flying marking, marking and marking. Before purchasing equipment, users must inform the marking machine supplier of their detailed requirements so as to select the most suitable equipment. 4, look at the supplier qualification: many people in the choice of laser marking machine, often will focus on the contract and price, thus ignoring the supplier's qualification issues, it is easy to leave unnecessary trouble for future work. When choosing a laser equipment supplier, it is best to inspect the other party in many aspects, such as whether the company has a relevant license, whether the laser equipment has a certificate, whether the engineer has a qualification certificate, etc. 5. Look at the supplier's service: the competition in the laser industry is increasingly fierce. Customers should not only pay attention to the product quality and enterprise qualification when choosing, but also understand the services provided by the laser marking machine company in more detail. If the company will send staff to install and debug on site; After installation and debugging, whether professional training and guidance will be provided to ensure that operators can be familiar with various operations as soon as possible. Choosing the most suitable laser marking machine is the first step to obtain a satisfactory mark, we suggest that users can simply understand the basic knowledge of the purchase before choosing a laser marking machine.
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