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TasWater | Clean water is vital to community’s success

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-23
\"The National Water Week is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that getting clean water is very important to all aspects of our lives and the success of our community,\" he said.xa0Rebecca Sayles, senior asset strategy engineer at TasWater.This year\'sxa0The theme is;My water, all the water.
\"The idea behind the topic is to encourage young people in our community to think about how we use water and protect this resource,\" Dr. Sayles added .\".As a provider of water and sewage treatment services in the state, TasWaterxa0Manage the complete urban water cycle, \"from water collection to tap water, from toilets to sewage treatment plants.In order to provide people with safe drinking water, \"we take water from rivers, reservoirs and groundwater, treat it in our water treatment plants and ensure safe drinking.
\"xa0They also used several different methods to treat drinking water.\"Depending on where we get water from, things will be different.In some systems, we will have a membrane filtration device.
Other systems will be the traditional way of handlingxa0Filtering andxa0Disinfection.The concept of water as an important resourcexa0Don\'t stop there.Some used water is recycled and treated as a standard for irrigation.
Management of drinking water,xa0\"In Tasi, the main rainfall occurred in the western part of the state, where we had very reliable rainfall.But the central and eastern parts of the state are relatively dry.Therefore, this plays a big role in resource management, \"because there is a greater demand for drinking water in these areas.
In addition, \"some of our small towns were welcomed by tourists during Christmas, which greatly increased the demand.Adding to the challenge further, \"We get different rainfall and we see more breaking times as the climate changesHeavy rainfall followed by a long dry weather.So, TasWaterxa0Long-Manage the long-term planning of supply based on the expected demand and the demand of the water environment.
You can also play your role by usingxa0Water is smarter.\"We have a Web page on our website that keeps every drop of pages, which gives you some tips on how everyone can take action to protect our water resources.\"Ideas include watering by hand at certain times of the day, adding a covering in the garden to keep the soil hydrated, and using a broom instead of a hose.
Sayles said the idea wasxa0\"Let people think more about the value of [water \".It\'s easy to take it for granted
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