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Tea set fiber laser marking machine has obvious advantages

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
With the development of the times, the tea set is not only a tool for making tea, but also a very elegant handicraft. The words and patterns on the tea set are diverse and exquisite. Many families like to put a set of exquisite tea sets, A guest comes to make a pot of good tea, which is not only the friendship between relatives and friends, but also the display appreciation of works of art. However, many people do not know that there are still many 'technical jobs' hiding in this exquisite tea set '. There are many kinds of tea sets now-- Whether it is bamboo, glass, ceramic or metal, many merchants use laser marking and machining to carve exquisite patterns and characters on it. This processing method has wide adaptability to materials, it is permanent and avoids the embarrassment that the marking is easy to be erased in the traditional processing method. At the same time, the marking accuracy of the laser marking machine is particularly high, especially for the marking of complex graphics. In addition, due to the different materials, shapes and sizes of tea sets, the traditional processing method takes a long time and has poor effects, while laser marking can accurately process the 3D curved surface workpiece. When the tea set with strong cultural smell is equipped with laser marking with full sense of science and technology, the grade of the whole tea set is instantly promoted, making people shine in front of them. The optical fiber laser marking machine of the tea set has remarkable advantages: it can make the pattern of the tea set exquisite and meticulous, the carving line clear, the picture lifelike, and the function of beautifying the product has unexpected effects. 1, tea set laser marking engraving, tea set laser laser, tea set laser engraving reliability. Marked graphics, characters, serial numbers, LOGO, two-dimensional codes, etc. are clear and wear-resistant, belonging to non-contact processing, so the processed workpieces are not damaged or deformed. 2. The marking has high precision, beautiful appearance, generous appearance and good ornamental effect. 3, high efficiency, can be in the shortest possible time to get the physical sample of the new product. 4. There is no pollution caused by chemical substances, which is higher than the export environmental protection requirements. 5, to meet the special processing needs, can be processed circumferential surface or inclined surface and surface plane processing. 6, tea set laser marking engraving, tea set laser marking, tea set laser engraving can also be based on customer's individual requirements, laser marking on personalized signatures, blessings, etc. The fiber laser marking machine is carved by Dot, which has natural advantages in gray scale performance. For this reason, gray expression form should be adopted as much as possible in carving design, which has the advantage of reducing coloring process and saving cost on the one hand; On the other hand, it enriches the expression means of carving and increases the level of graphics.
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