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Teach you how to choose the laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
Teach you choose a cost-effective laser marking machine, so do a good job in the application of laser marking machine, the future market is the laser marking machine. Choose a suitable marking machine also show is particularly important. To save time and resources, a cost-effective laser marking machine can improve work efficiency. How to choose a suitable marking machine is also required to understand the face now, there are many different kinds of marking machine, laser marking machine more shows the unique side, let the laser marking machine began to dominate the market. Laser with 'actions speak louder than words, the good faith is better than life' as the enterprise culture essence, focused and proficient in the field of industry tag. Laser developed products include: 'flying laser marking machine', 'semiconductor marking machine', 'optical fiber laser marking machine, etc. Laser, with its advanced technology and humanized design and excellent quality by the users in various industries, thousands of devices used in auto parts, machinery parts, all kinds of product nameplate, steel, petrochemical, instrumentation, mould, hardware tools, aviation, electronics, medicine, food, building materials, light crafts, clothing leather products industry, such as tag and anti-counterfeiting. Company to meet the personalized needs of customers and remarkable quality services, enjoy good reputation. Can't go with the flow, don't think that when selecting a laser marking machine of the high price is good. See what other companies choose laser marking machine with choice, to choose a suitable for their own is the most important, how to choose a suitable laser marking machine, 1 to see * long forever; The second depends on rubber seals; To see whether the non-contact 3; The fourth wide applicability; The fifth high precision carving; Sixth run low interest; The seventh processing with high efficiency; The eighth development speed. Laser marking machine, has penetrated into agricultural and sideline products industry and other fields, such as: crab marking. Crabs on crab cover for marking refers to the laser mark, can include the company logo, mesh number, product serial number, the supervision unit and direct * for areas such as content, effectively prevent counterfeit products competition, suitable for own production base, pollution-free notarization, domestic and international market with high reputation and market share of brand enterprises. Every crab only * a coding, counterfeit-proof telephone query system, can let the consumer to verify whether authentic products, increase brand awareness. 1. Marking speed, 1 - 2 SEC/only; 2. The machine price is low; 3. Marking, shallow depth, it does not hurt crabs, does not affect survival; 4. Clear legibility of the label font, once steamed with unusually bright eye-catching; 5. The whole machine structure design of human nature, the operation is simple and convenient. Laser marking machines, laser marking machine to choose
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