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The 12th Shanghai ( The world) Water treatment exhibition will be opened in June

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
The 12th Shanghai ( The world) Water treatment exhibition will be opened in June by the Netherlands Amsterdam RAI world convention and exhibition center, All-China environment federation, China film industry association, Shanghai lotus, convention and exhibition co. , LTD. , sponsored by the 12th Shanghai world water treatment exhibition will be held in Shanghai hongqiao national conference and exhibition center. As water treatment and water treatment equipment industry's annual extravaganza, with 25 square meters show area of Shanghai world exhibition consists of 10 segment area, water treatment provides viewers with a complete environmental protection water treatment and water treatment equipment industry industry chain technology and service solutions. Now the registration registration, more distinctions have multiple gifts. With the rapid development of our social economy, a series of frequent water pollution problems. In recent 10 years, according to ministry of supervision of the statistics, China's water pollution incident in more than 1700 each year on average. Our mother river - the joint and several - The Yangtze river, also is ill and sick. Ecological environment minister li ganjie said: last year the central government took out $5 billion for the Yangtze river ecological compensation funds. The next step will continue to carry out drinking water source protection, the urban black smelly water management, green shield action, at the same time deepening clearing lung action, solid waste transfer and illegal dumping of along the river. In addition, the rectification for bad V kind of water; Increase into the river into the river pollution control, increase of & other; Three p & throughout; Regulation, and strengthen regulation of industrial park sewage treatment at or above the provincial level. The meeting has been clear about the direction of water pollution prevention and control to be completed, as the water pollution prevention and control of acceptance of the node near 2020, 2019 will be the key to realize the objective of water pollution control planning for a year. Shanghai world exhibition of water treatment, comply with the policy and industry demand, to create a set of communication, docking, cooperation sharing platform, for the water industry to provide the industry the whole industry chain environmental protection technology and service solutions. Themes niche brand assemble this exhibition further 10 theme exhibition, 3500 + exhibitors, 64000 + in the exhibits, show all kinds of cutting-edge technologies and products. A water treatment for the audience/water treatment equipment annual extravaganza. Sewage treatment, water treatment, xingyuan, wheat, hudong zhonghua, industry sources, green water separation, in the centrifuge research institute, south China sheng, Johnson & Johnson to graphene, a joy, magnetic valley, sea billiton, CLP innovation etc. Sludge treatment, water treatment, JingJin, conde, with the minister, fellow, after clean, blue environment, a new lang, Shanghai, cosette environment, etc. ; Comprehensive environmental governance: in the sequel, Sue net, shen, kurita, AnLi, tripod, clear water, green wefound, environmental protection, such as hua yu environmental protection; Evaporation crystallization: red sublimation, DE d turbine, rita, Michael underwood, music, shang ding, Jiang Zeng, macro, environmental protection, etc. ; Environmental monitoring: hash, harvest, since the instrument, the sic, Beijing instrument, cory, dongrun, huake instrument, sensing, mike Morton, snow Dillon, etc; Membrane and water treatment: dupont, suez, bluestar toray, accommodate to grace, a film, Thai, dollars are environmental protection, environmental protection, hangzhou big instant; Several sessions, tracking industry hotspot meeting my colorful Shanghai the world over the same period of the technological frontier with several world institution, association and industry innovation and technology media cooperation, launched 2019 industrial wastewater DiBiao transform new technology/equipment workshop, the Chinese wisdom of water industry summit, 2019 the third BBS garbage leachate treatment technology, the second session of the national report on cutting-edge technology and advanced water treatment equipment such as 100 + special BBS and activities, let the audience can close face to face with the senior industry experts and elite, insight into the hotspot classic projects and technology application, and have the opportunity to grasp new concepts and new technology industry value in advance, so as to provide help for business cooperation and career development.
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