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The 14th national water treatment industry hotspot technology BBS people's university of China

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
The 14th national water treatment industry hotspot technology BBS at renmin university, March 21 - March 22 is the second day, by the Chinese people's university of low carbon technology research center of water environment and industry branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade construction joint, Harbin industrial university, tsinghua university, tongji university and other colleges and universities or engineering center hosted six national key laboratory of the 14th & other; Water treatment industry hotspot technology BBS & throughout; At renmin university of China, the Chinese people's university party committee, deputy secretary zhang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. From the industry management departments and scientific research and design institutes, water and about 450 participants from equipment manufacturing enterprises. BBS opening ceremony presided over by hong-chen wang, vice President of the institute of renmin university of China environment. Prior to the meeting, zhang met with attend the BBS foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the United States academy of engineering, the third world academy of sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering environment QuJiu, director of the division, thank him for a long time to renmin university of China environmental engineering discipline of support and help. This is the theme of the BBS & other; Focusing on water treatment technology progress & throughout; , QuJiu fai & other; Water treatment and water treatment equipment industry throughout the micro basis and macro guidance &; The theme of the report, the Chinese Academy of Engineering yong-zhen peng attended the roundtable dialogue BBS. From tsinghua university, Harbin industrial university, chongqing university, Beijing normal university, Beijing university of technology and ecological environment research center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other colleges and universities and research institutes of famous experts made academic report, BeiKong water group, Beijing pioneering group co. , LTD. , China's water environment and Beijing drainage group and other large water companies introduced their own quality, and the efficiency measures. Hong-chen wang, g. zhang, a professor in the school of renmin university of China environment and law professor ZhuXiao also made a report on the BBS. Farewell, two days in the BBS, through more than 30 special lectures and 1 round-table talks, to & other; Focusing on water treatment and water treatment equipment technology & other; As the theme, around & other; Industry policy and the development tendency & throughout; “ Existing technology facilities and equipment throughout efficiency & quality; “ The future water treatment equipment technology research and development & throughout; , deeply discusses the technological progress how to boost efficiency, will play an effective role in promoting development of industry.
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