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The advantages of carbonated beverage filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-08
Today, the triad - the filler manufacturer Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD. And you say the advantages of carbonated beverage filling machine. Carbonated beverage filling machine adopts micro gravity type negative pressure filling principle, filling fast, steady, accurate, and is equipped with perfect material flow system, also can realize independent return back to the gas, not contact with the material, reduce the secondary pollution of materials and oxidation. Catch is realized by using magnetic torque type screw LIDS, cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover. The whole machine adopts man-machine interface touch screen control, PLC control, inverter control technology such as computer program. Carbonated beverage filler for cap system automatic control, automatic filling temperature detection, material of high temperature alarm, automatic stop at low temperature and reflux, no bottle no stamp, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cover downtime, etc. Due to the containing gas pressure carbonated beverage filling machine, and other filling machine is different, when use, in order to ensure safety in production, to understand the filling instructions: a, conforms to the power of the carbonated beverage filling machine, and air. Second, the prior to unpick and wash carbonated beverage filling machine, please be sure to close air supply and power supply. Part three and a half, after a carbonated beverage filling machine, Near the control button) Interior is equipped with electric control components, no matter under what circumstances don't water wash the fuselage directly, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock, damage to the electrical control components, to prevent electric shock, machine should have a good grounding, please to drink filling machine with a ground wire of power supply socket. Fourth, after turn off the power switch, gas beverage filling machine in the electrical control part of the circuit and voltage exists, in the access control line too will the power cord. Carbonated beverage filling machine is a multi-function drink filling machine, equipment, application range, according to the requirements of customer production equipment is divided into fully automatic filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine. Relative to the automation of choose and employ persons, fast speed, less used in mass production. About the advantages of carbonated beverage filling machine, by small - filling machine suppliers To provide you with new source machinery. If you need to know the price of bottled water filling machine, please contact the new source of mechanical, miss fan: 18962292345.
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