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The advantages of laser cutting machine in hull machining

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
The working principle of laser cutting machine mainly focused laser beam into a small spot, its minimum diameter ( Can be less than zero. 1mm) ; To make the focus to achieve high power density ( Can be more than 106 kw/cm squared) , this is the input light beam ( Light energy conversion) Heat spread far beyond the material reflection conduction or parts, materials quickly heated to evaporation temperature, evaporation hole formation, along with the relative linear beam and moving, to form holes connection width is very narrow, Such as 0. 1 mm or so) The kerf width, trimming thermal effect is very small, almost no deformation, no burr, high precision. The blanking ways in hull processing each have a swing, the flame cutting of thick plate blanking function; Plasma cutting machine speed; Shear processing high material utilization, but only limited to the straight edge parts processing, precision cut error; Laser cutting machine mainly cutting of high precision, high stability and cutting cutting small heat input. But cutting plate is relatively slow. It is because of the advantages of high precision laser cutting machine built in high and new product sheet, in the process of fabricating WuYuLiang precision management, merchant ships built in high requirements for welding groove straightness process: such as FCB makeup, double wire buried 4 arc automatic welding and so on, has the irreplaceable advantages, the laser cutting machine is a little to change a kind of method which lays an important foundation for smooth implementation. The following is a list of laser cutting machine with the other two kinds of cutting equipment in the parameter intuitive brief contrast: laser cutting machine application in the actual production by laser cutting equipment and other cutting equipment performance contrast, learned that laser cutting equipment main processing advantage lies in the cutting of high precision, small thermal deformation characteristics. This feature has a broad application prospect in the practical production. Encourage high fabricating process WuYuLiang high-tech ship for hull section ZhuanPei accuracy requirement is high, the architecture ZhuanPei clearance must is controlled in the range of 1 mm. As part of a certain type of bottom section EB02, for example, in the past using plasma under the floor material, in order to guarantee the assembly clearance, coal floor are set on cutting allowance ( The following figure:) , the allowance is on the floor during field assembly manual cutting, cutting quality is uneven in the slotted oxide is not easy to clear, at the same time increase the workload of assembly, assembly cycle growth, causes the entire block extended cycle. Using improved the precision of parts, laser cutting machine cutting in relatively cancel fitting allowance thickness, frame assembly accelerated significantly. The assembly quality of the whole section is improved significantly, fabricating complete accuracy is improved at the same time, it has been proved that a more precise completed the main parts to ensure section size. Prompt sheet blanking method change thin-wall superstructure block division one of the high-tech engineering hull construction important link, its around the thinnest thickness only 2 mm; In the whole superstructure fabricating process, from the expected components manufacturing, segmented manufacturing, total group are hand carrying a series of process, thin-wall plate buckling deformation easily. So thin wall construction of the superstructure segments each process is to control the key, and it is the introduction of laser cutting machine, promote the thin-wall blanking method of change. Lay the important role to ensure the quality of block. Prior to introduction of laser cutting machine, the sheet 2 3 mm of material mainly through artificial marking, using scissors cars to shear. By Mr. Flattening machine; Artificial line and the accumulation of shearing precision deviation in 3 mm or so, in wall puzzle assembly clearance error, unable to realize assembly clearance requirements, within the scope of 1 mm field often have a lot of cutting phenomenon; For 4 - 6 mm steel plate, adopting plasma cutting, due to the thin plate, cutting heat, plate edge straightness can not meet the requirements, after cutting, and still need to use edge planer edge processing, increase the machining process. The loading stage, there are a lot of walls for blanking error scrap or rework, and when to block wall assembly, casing cutting edge potential or ultra poor assembly clearance problems also emerge in endlessly, before using machining cutter blanking, is a thin wall material scrap rate is high. The introduction of laser cutting machine, it is using its processing and the characteristics of high precision, small heat input, all are thin wall by laser cutting blanking, one pace reachs the designated position, eliminating the line, flat, chamfering process; To eliminate the plank loss due to blanking problem; Greatly improve the machining efficiency. In a word, laser cutting machine cutting equipment, as a new type of hull parts compared to other conventional cutting equipment, with high machining precision, small thermal deformation, equipment stability is good, accessories attrition rate is low, environmental pollution and small advantage, has great application potential in shipping manufacture. WuYuLiang in present high vessel segmentation and build, sheet blanking method has good application change aspect, greatly improving the machining efficiency, eliminates the scene cutting phenomenon, reduce the human and material waste. The advantages of laser cutting machine will be more widely in the shipbuilding, the application of deeper. Optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine
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