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The application of laser processing in plastic industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-26
Laser processing is the use of laser beams projected onto the surface of heating to complete qr code carving processing, including laser cutting, laser engraving, Laser marking) And so on. Because the laser with high brightness, high directivity and high monochromaticity, and high coherence four big characteristics, thus brings to the laser processing plastic products what some other ordinary processing methods does not have good qualities. The concrete application of laser processing in the plastic industry are as follows: first, the laser cutting of plastic products: plastic laser cutting is to focus laser beam on the surface of plastic material, using high temperature characteristic of the laser melt material, at the same time with compressed gas blowing away with the coaxial laser beam was melting plastic products, and make the laser beam and the plastic products along a certain path to make relative motion, thus forming a certain shape of machining process. Laser cutting plastic product specific application: 1. Laser cutting plastic nozzle: laser cutting quality is good, belong to the non-contact cutting, trimming heat effect is very small, almost no thermal deformation of workpiece, completely avoid the mold cutting form when the collapse edge, laser cutting seam smooth level off, generally do not need the secondary processing. 2. Laser cutting processing production of plastic new product samples: laser cutting processing can improve the new product development speed: product drawings, after the formation of immediately, laser processing can be done, and in the shortest possible time get the plastic sample of new products. 3. Laser cutting molding plastic products, plastic mold investment saving: laser cutting of plastic processing don't need to die, no mould cost, do not need to repair the mould, mould replacement time saving, so as to save the processing cost, reduce the production cost, especially for large or small batch plastic products processing. Two laser engraving, plastic products, plastic laser engraving processing is to make use of high energy density characteristics of laser light to the surface of a plastic products, make the product surface materials and produce a clear pattern of laser vaporization qr code engraving processing procedure. Laser engraving plastic product specific application: 1. Laser engraving processing products: laser engraving products, has the characteristics of clear and fine, and possesses the advantages of never wear and tear. 2. Laser engraving processing plastic products design: laser engraving processing, can be carved processing arbitrarily complex pattern, qr code pattern effect clearly carving exquisite, has the incomparable superiority of other processing methods. Laser processing laser marking
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