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The beautiful glass marking UV laser marking machine plays an important role

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
The effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine on Glass is mainly determined by its special wavelength. Generally, the wavelength of 355NM is especially suitable for marking glass products. As a fragile product of artificial synthetic materials, although it can bring various conveniences to the production, people always want to change the appearance decoration, so how to better implant various patterns and characters into the appearance of glass products has become the goal pursued by people and consumers, it is also another growth highlight for glass products manufacturers to increase product sales. The following are several common glass appearance identification methods: Hot processing: Hot processing is used to improve the appearance quality of processed materials, mainly including flame cutting, fire polishing, drilling, etc. However, the glass has high brittleness and is easy to crack due to high temperature, thus destroying the material. Screen printing: the principle of screen printing is to print the ink to the surface of the flat glass, and then use the curing measures of the ink to make the pattern firm. However, the silk screen processing process is complicated, the ink is harmful to the human body, and the silk screen is not easy to color, the color is less, and the coloring is poor. Etching method: using chemical agents-Hydrofluoric acid to corrode glass. First use paraffin to melt and cover the glass, engrave patterns on the surface of paraffin, then apply hydrofluoric acid and then wash off paraffin. Because hydrofluoric acid is volatile and has serious pollution, a protective layer is needed and the operation is complicated. UV laser marking: laser marking is an optical and motor integrated equipment controlled by a software system. The software is used to control the generation of graphics and non-contact processing is adopted so that the glass will not be damaged by external force. And the ultraviolet laser marking is cold working, with high beam quality and very small light spot, which can realize ultra-fine marking of glass. Through the comparison of the above marking processing methods, you will find that the UV laser marking machine is a cold processing and non-contact processing method, which is especially suitable for marking fragile products. Of course, its application scope is not only glass products, but also acrylic and other products can be processed and marked. Appreciation of Meitu: the effect and quality of UV laser marking and marking efficiency far exceed the traditional marking methods in the past. We all know that the traditional marking has low precision, troublesome drawing and limited marking content, due to the disadvantages of large pollution and easy damage to processed workpieces, the UV laser marking machine has been the preferred equipment for various glass products including wine bottles and cups, craft gifts and other industries.
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