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The best choice in the manufacturing process of laser tin welder electronic products

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Nowadays, due to the basic requirement of portability, consumer electronic products have become more and more exquisite, thus putting forward higher and higher requirements for the manufacturing process of internal electronic circuits. The traditional electronic circuit welding process uses an electric iron welding method, but its congenital defects can no longer meet the welding requirements of precision components. For example, camera module, VCM voice coil motor, CCM, FPC, connector, antenna, sensor, inductor, hard disk head, speaker, horn, optical communication components, thermal components, photosensitive components, etc. However, laser welding, especially the numerous technical advantages of laser tin welding machine, has become the best choice in the current manufacturing process of consumer electronics products. Laser soldering processing head-a unique combination of infrared temperature measurement and control system with infrared temperature measurement and control system and integrated high-power semiconductor laser, has powerful functions, can complete various complicated tasks in the fields of industry, science and technology. Compact integrated into the laser welding machine, mainly used in measurement and closed-loop control of laser and infrared pyrometer, for temperature control of laser welding, laser plastic welding, laser heating, etc.
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