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The brand price of fiber laser marking machine is recommended and you deserve it

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
The fiber laser marking machine uses ytterbium-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium, so that the high-power fiber laser can obtain the beam output close to the diffraction limit, and uses the fiber laser as the basement film output, the focused spot diameter is 10 microns, and then the laser beam path is changed by computer-controlled high-speed scanning mirror deflection to realize automatic marking. Laser marking is not hard and non-contact, and has little influence on the quality of the product. After marking, the texture of the font is stronger. Benefits of fiber laser marking machine: 1. No consumables, low processing cost after use; 2. The number of maintenance is small, which can reduce the maintenance cost; 3. The marking speed is fast, and there is almost no damage to the product; 4. A wide range of marking, can be used for ordinary metals and alloys, rare metals and alloys, metal oxides, special surface treatment, crystals, plastics and so on; 5. For flat surface and concave-convex plane can be marked; 6. Marking is more fine, for small marking products, even small numbers and LOGO can be seen clearly; 7. Tens of thousands of times per second or even more, the marking speed is convenient and fast, and can be used for large-scale production; 8. Can be used in the production line, because the laser is controlled by the computer has a predictable range, the speed is accurate and accurate; 9. Can be randomly typeset on the computer, without making templates, can reduce processing costs; 10. The optical fiber laser marking machine body is small and convenient, and the three-dimensional space occupies a small area; 11. The service life of the fiber laser marking machine is long, and it is not easy to be damaged; Fiber laser marking machine has 10 W/20 W/30 W three kinds of commonly used power, the greater the power, the faster the engraving speed, the better the quality of engraving, of course, choose the fiber laser marking machine can not only from the perspective of power, but also from the specific marking materials, according to the effect you want, choose the best quality, the lowest cost of fiber laser marking machine.
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