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The cable laser marking machine will show you the elegant demeanour of permanent logo

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
In the 21st century, what industry is developing the fastest, of course, the communication industry is developing the fastest. The development of wires and cables from the original simple telephone and telegraph cables to today's coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables and even combined communication cables is a step by step. And the manufacturing accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, so the cable laser marking machine will be the most practical engraving equipment for manufacturers. It is understood that the engraving method used by wire and cable manufacturers in the past is ink code spraying, but the consumables of ink code spraying machines are extremely serious, which has become a 'cancer' of wire and cable manufacturers ', or invisible costs that cannot be compressed. And the ink spray code logo will appear ink off, can not achieve permanent identification. These two problems have always been a big problem for manufacturers. Let's take a look at the cables carved by the laser marking machine: as advanced marking equipment, the laser marking machine, with the characteristics of flexible installation, zero consumables, high stability, maintenance-free, clear writing and permanent erasability, it is highly sought after by the majority of small Partners and solves all carving troubles for users.
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