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The cause of mineral water production equipment water quality not up to standard

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-11
Mineral water equipment in water production operation six months to a year later, water rate will decline, water quality will also decline, but the user can set their own through analyze the processing. Here are briefly talk about the reasons of declining water quality in the process of using mineral water equipment. Some customers owe good, original water quality have impurities or sediment, not in front of the bag filter, through the use of a period of time, impurities into the pretreatment, blocked, it will form water rate dropped, water quality variation. Filter for equipment to produce water supplies, the demand of each replaced once a week or two week, filter has a life, even if equipment downtime for a period of time, in use to replace the filter, filter is simple reproduction of bacteria, formation water quality variation. RO reverse osmosis membrane is an important component of good mineral water equipment is very expensive, half the using life of RO reverse osmosis membrane is 2 - Three years, if at the age of on-line water, use time will be shorter, RO reverse osmosis membrane in 1 - 2 years for a clean, otherwise will form water yield decline. In terms of operational procedures, mineral water equipment, water is according to the requirement that its must have clear water. It is of some of the macromolecular material or ion in water, under the condition of different professional use needs may be different. This is also a key factor of influence.
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