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The common faults and solution of pure water treatment equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-10
As people on the improvement of water quality requirements, and pure water as is known to all, leaving the pure water equipment become one of the hot water treatment equipment, on the basis of practical experience pure water treatment equipment and equipment common trouble problem, we summarize the following common problems and their solutions, pure water equipment to help you better handle the problems in the pure water treatment equipment in use: 1, high decibel noise main reasons are: the equipment is put on shaky; Compressor operation condition is abnormal; Raw water is not normal, with no water tower water supply, water gas. Raw water pipe water, formation pressure pump idling, the water treatment equipment high decibel noise. Aimed at the wrong timing correction or replacement of the original water pipe; Choose relatively stable environment to put water treatment equipment; Always maintain compressor, achieve the correct maintenance of compressor; Water supply device when the water tower, prevent the water a lot of gas. 2, present leakage during operation is mainly due to there is a leak point in the water. For this problem check the equipment of the waterway, find the leakage point; If it is not easy to find, can use boring tissue detection. 3, low purity of output water quality is mainly high voltage switch or float switch failure, unable to jump back; Raw water ball valve reverse osmosis membrane filter blocking, lead to damage of electromagnetic valve; Activated carbon filter blocking; Pure water treatment equipment input or output voltage is not normal, and a series of elements of the form. 4, TDS value this kind of problem is mainly due to the higher place of the water in the water storage barrel time is too long; The rear of the activated carbon without cleaning. If it is for this reason, to do will in time when the water in the water tank of emissions; New replacement of activated carbon for cleaning. Above is pure water equipment in operation in the present high decibel noise, leakage, low output water purity, TDS values on the high side, common problem solution. Pure water equipment will inevitably encounter some problems when used, encounter problems is not terrible, we can only find fault reason and treatment method.
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