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The daily maintenance of laser welding machine is to leave a 'posterior approach' for safety'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
Nowadays, although many users have purchased laser welding machines, they do not know how to maintain laser welding machines. This can be said to be the manufacturer's dereliction of duty, after the Assembly of the equipment to the user did not remind the user, the laser welding machine equipment is to be regularly maintained. Otherwise, there will be potential safety hazards, posing a threat to life safety. So what should we do about the daily maintenance of laser welding machine? (Please continue reading) 1, observe the transformer, to see if the temperature rise of the voltage regulating transformer is normal, there is no overheating and coil discoloration phenomenon, laser welding machine power supply inspection is indispensable. Check whether the contact of the carbon brush is normal, monitor the normal output and input voltage, and whether there is overload. 2. Check whether the electrical contact is damaged, then it needs to be replaced and repaired in time, check whether the column type voltage regulating transformer is flexible during the movement, and whether the carbon brush is intact and damaged, then it is necessary to replace the damaged carbon brush in time. There are burns and carbon brush powder on the coil. It is necessary to use fine sand skin to polish the plain and remove the dust. 3, every three months need to remove the dust and dirt of the various parts of the regulator, check the chain drive system is not working properly, to add oil to the sprocket, adjust the degree of tightness of the chain, check whether the carbon brush holder is inclined or stuck, and adjust it if it appears. In case of the above three situations, it is necessary to find relevant personnel to deal with them in time or contact the technical personnel of the laser welding machine manufacturer for help. Don't blindly feel that you can handle them, when you have this idea, it means that 'death' is waving to you, so please do not handle it yourself. In order to ensure that life safety and enterprise work efficiency are not affected.
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