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The design and application of laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-19
Angle of laser to weld in the actual production prone to cause the high stress, high fracture and weld the complex influence factors such as a variety of problems, we design a link plate welding, this kind of problem, we design a plate welded link, the link plate under the premise of in does not affect the structure characteristics, realize the butt weld Angle weld can be converted to, give full play to the butt weld of the intensity is high, the welding quality is stable, and a series of advantages, for later processing provides a solution to this problem. Welding is is an essential link in the production of railway vehicle, large welding structure should be used in railway vehicle manufacturing of bogie and car body parts, such as the safety of the welding structure or not has obvious role for railway vehicle. The bogie are the ultimate performance of railway vehicles. Laser welding link in the design of a za board, through the use of link plate welding structure of the original optimization, and will be used in actual production, improve the welding quality, ensure the safety of the passenger car in the fast. Laser welding machines, laser welding
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