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The design principle of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-11
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment design: 1, the reverse osmosis treatment equipment imported high-pressure pump is equipped with low voltage protection switch, export is equipped with high voltage protection switch. When the high pressure pump imported low voltage switch operation, the system will stop running signal. If protect high-pressure pump under the condition of water, high pressure pump outlet pressure exceeds the set value, high pressure pump discharge pressure protection automatically cut off the high pressure pump power supply, in order to protect the system of ultra high pressure. 2, the control model of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a kind of transformation patterns, the order of the specific transformation has 10 state, the transformation of state can't be bouncing, state transition, the vast majority of changing all happen regularly, in running state, the transformation triggered will stop button. 3, the above analysis, the program is based on the timing of the trigger state transition, when the unit is 0 ahead. 1 s, there are input, the timer starts, timing, output loop closure. No input, coil disconnection. After all state trigger all keep to the system state of a trigger, disconnect all state. 4, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment in the state, is very important to determine the output of the device moves, can simplify programming.
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