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The distinct advantages of laser welding machine compared with traditional argon arc welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
One. Laser welding machine is a kind of high-energy beam welding: generally, laser welding equipment is used for welding, and laser welding is welding using laser beam focused by high-power coherent monochromatic photon flow as heat source. The advantage is that it does not need to be carried out in vacuum and can carry out accurate energy control, thus realizing the welding of precision devices. It can be applied to many metals, especially to solve the welding of some difficult and dissimilar metals. At present, it has been widely used in mold repair. Two. Argon arc welding argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding: it mainly uses the arc burning between the continuously fed welding wire and the workpiece as the heat source, and is welded by the gas protection arc sprayed from the welding torch nozzle. At present, argon arc welding is a common method and can be applied to most major metals, including carbon steel. Alloy Steel. Inert gas shielded welding of melting pole is suitable for stainless steel. Aluminum. Magnesium. Copper. Titanium. Zirconium and nickel alloy are widely used in mold repair welding due to their low price, but the welding heat affected area is large. At present, laser welding has been gradually replaced in precision mold repair. Three. The difference between laser welding and argon arc welding is that argon arc welding uses the burning arc between the continuously fed welding wire and the workpiece as the heat source, the gas protection arc sprayed from the torch nozzle is used for welding, but the welding heat influence area is large. Disadvantages such as large welding spots, argon arc welding uses non-consuming electrodes and shielding gas, and is often used to weld thin workpieces, but the welding speed is slow, and the heat input is much larger than laser welding, which is easy to produce deformation; However, the characteristics of laser welding seam are small heat affected zone, narrow weld, fast weld cooling, small change of weld metal performance and hard weld. At present, argon arc welding has been gradually replaced by laser welding in precision welding. Four. Compared with the traditional arc welding process, laser welding machine has many advantages: 1. Only one side of the seam needs to be approached; 2. Especially suitable for automation technology; 3. High process speed shortens processing time; 4. The joint seam is narrow. Smooth surface: reduce or even eliminate reprocessing; 5. Easy integration: Can be combined with other production operations, such as alignment or bending; 6. Good program control, machine tool control and sensor system to detect process parameters and ensure quality; 7. The laser beam can generate solder joints without touching the surface of the workpiece or without applying force to the workpiece; 8. Combination of high strength and low welding volume: the welded workpiece can be subjected to bending or hydroforming; 9. Selective energy application in small area: reduce thermal stress and heat affected zone, extremely low distortion; The difference between laser welding and argon arc welding is shared here. It is better to use laser welding machine to weld thin-walled materials. If there is no high requirement for welding speed and welding precision, it is more cost-effective to use argon arc welding machine, but if you don't care about the cost, it is better to use laser welder.
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